About Us

We  are men, women, and adolescent children from many diverse backgrounds. We understand the intrinsic value of viable fish and wildlife populations in their natural habitats.  The Wenatchee Sportsmen's Association members enjoy various outdoor types of recreation including hunting, fishing, camping, boating and birdwatching.

We invite all those who are interested in becoming members to research our objectives, attend a meeting or participate in our many types of work projects.

You may develop lifelong friendships with others participating in worthwhile activities for current and future generations, supporting our fish and wildlife, as well as educating our youth about natural resource issues.

All general meetings  are open to the public.  We encourage you to join us,  and see what  WSA  is doing for the fish and wildlife in North Central Washington. The meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month at

180 Rock Island Rd,
East Wenatchee, WA. 

The meetings begin at  6:30  PM and end at conclusion of the agenda.  

All income generated by the WSA stays in the local area to benefit the fish and wildlife,  and their habitat.  The Wenatchee Sportsmen's Association   Officers, Board of Directors,  and Members  volunteer their time spent on club activities. 


Many of our volunteers  donate  hundreds of hours and miles annually participating in local  fish and wildlife work projects; to preserve and/or enhance their natural habitats.  The WSA always welcomes new volunteers on work projects and club activities.  If you would like to help, simply notify a member or contact the WSA by e-mail.  WSA works closely with the local  and state agencies to help them obtain their management goals. 

Club activities include work parties, feeder filling,  wildlife captures and trans-locations, garbage clean up days, road brushing,  CAST for Kids- Kid Fishing,  Rock Island Kids Fishing,  Wenatchee River Salmon Festival booth,   Archery in the Schools competitions,   annual " Wild Game Feed"  Banquet,   and other functions.

WSA encourages your input and urges your efforts.  If you would like to become a WSA volunteer,  Click here to download volunteer form and mail it to:

Wenatchee Sportsmen’s Association
P.O. Box 762,
Wenatchee, WA 98807

Want to get involved? Contact:  

Dan Dickerson
(509) 670-5498

Recording Hours

If you participate in our association activities, please record and report the number of hours you volunteer and mileage driven each month to the WSA.  WSA keeps a running monthly total of all volunteer hours, mileage and special meetings  you have attended and recorded.  Report  your information at the end of each month.